Group and centre-based activities

Under this support service, we conduct activities in a group-based setting with a focus on promoting social engagement and allow participants to live as independently as possible.

At AHCCS, we understand the importance of social inclusion and interaction and hence, help participants undertake a range of activities and programs that assist them in living a happy life and enhancing their self-worth. These group/centre-based activities can either be worker-facilitated or self-directed by the participants. The aim is to promote independent living and being social- enabling participants to build capacities and embrace their skills and abilities.

Our support workers are experienced in working in a variety of environments and have acknowledged that participating in such activities works wonders for overall development and wellbeing for NDIS participants.

There are different kinds of activities that we facilitate or get participants to undertake, which means we have something for everyone’s interest, including but not limited to:

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